Screw Drivers Set

The Oft-Missed Purpose of Screw Driver Sets

It’s fairly easy to understand the purpose of screw drivers. That would be to unscrew screws…what used to bother me is why on earth do they need too many screw drivers encased in a nice plastic box set? I asked the question, but never really understood the answer, although I later realized it myself, anyway. My goal, here, is to enlighten others like what I was before: an “ignorant mechanic.”

People need screw drivers set for a variety of purposes. There are as many types of screws as there are types of screw drivers. Each screw driver is for removing a certain type of screw. You might already be familiar with the Phillips-head screw driver and the regular screw driver.  These ones are very common, so it’s easy to fall to the assumption that the Phillips head screws are the only types of screws. There are triangle-heads, octagonal-heads, star heads and so on. In automotive, longer screws are necessary for reaching under the hood, down to the engine compartment. In construction, very large screwdrivers are needed for the large screws used to secure wood boards together, although they are slowly being replaced with power tools.

Technician’s screw driver sets are the worst. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Speaking of sizes, most of them are very small, which, evidently, require small drivers. For use in the home, it’s ideal to have many types of drivers, as can be seen included in sets, because you can’t know what type of screw will need unscrewing the next day.

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