About Us

Information About LaserDriver Tools
We are a small tool company in the start-up stage. We are now offering our first product to the public as of 12/01. This new tool line is truely unique, as we use a laser pointer inside our tools to illuminate a target area. These tools will be known as the ILLUMINATED NUTDRIVERS with Laser pointer. We have plans for many different styles of our product which are all protected by our own utility patents.


Mission Statement

LaserDriver Tools Mission Statement

LASERDRIVER TOOLS pledges to produce our own unique tools in accordance with the governments high standards in mind. We will stand by our product as being of the highest quality and we will meet or exceed all Federal standards.


Company Background


LASERDRIVER TOOLS was formed by Donna Hrabar after her 12 year old daughter, Kristin, won the “25th Annual United States Patent Office Inventors Expo”, which was held at Walt Disney World in 1998. Kristin’s utility patent, the “ILLUMINATED NUTDRIVER”, was her 3rd grade school science fair project. This new tool was seen nationaly on the “SALLY JESSY RAPHAEL SHOW”, and has resulted in Kristin receiving much recognition, such as being named a McDonald’s/Disney “MILLENNIUM DREAMER” in May, 2000. Kristin and LASERDRIVER TOOLS are proud to bring her bright idea to life, and we know the consumer will appreciate this truely unique new tool line.